August 29, 2016

Hello my fellow Americans,

Brazil is amazing as always.
This week was pretty chill but i learned/experienced some pretty cool stuff (no more bombs)
– So I met this grandma that feeds us lunch sometimes. She is literally the cutest human being in the entire world. She wears these little slippers and has a little hunchback and calls us meus filhos which is my sons. She pulled on my ear at lunch because I wouldn´t eat more she is literally the best.
– So I ate something that wrecked my stomach one day. Sorry to be gross but I literally had to run home so I wouldn´t poop my pants. It was lit.
– I read a whole bunch of letters that I brought from my going away thing that people wrote. Some of you are so weird. #zach.
-Oh I met a super cute cat at a members house. I wanted to play with it so bad but I´m allergic so that didn´t end well. hahah.
-Something really sad that I learned is that here in Brazil babies get left in the streets a lot. I was watching the news one day and they said that they found 4 babies this past week, and that is usually the average. It´s very sad to think that someone would do that.
-So my companions are obsessed with this board game called War, but I freaking hate it so much. I´m pretty sure it has a different name in english but I don´t know what it is. I hate it and we play it almost every night. hahah.
-OK SO THERE IS THIS PLACE CALLED MARTINS SANDWICHES AND IT IS THE BEST THING EVER. They sell these huge burgers, and i mean huge for like R$9, which is like $2.50 in american money. It’s insane I´m going to get so fat.
-Food wise I tried something really weird but really good. I had chicken heart. They have it everywhere here and it’s usually eaten on a stick bbq style. It´s really good but really weird, still deciding if I´m going to eat it again.
So yeah brazil is the bomb and I´m loving it a lot. i hope you guys are all doing well and I hope you have a good school year!! If you are still at West, enjoy it and work hard!! If you´re at your respective university, get lit, do all the drugs, and party like there is no tomorrow.
love you all!!
Elder Alberto (Momo)!

August 22, 2016


Okay so some crazy stuff happened this week.
1. So there are these things here in Brasil called Imbels. There are only 3 in the entire country and one of them is about .4 miles from our apartment. They are military factories that manufacture airplane bombs. So there was a malfunction at the one near my house and it blew up, the blast was so strong it shattered all of our windows. It was really terrifying, we are all ok don´t worry but holy guacamole I almost darn near pooped myself. There were some members of the church that lived next to the imbel and their home was destroyed. Thankfully they weren´t injured that bad. Sadly 3 people passed away from the explosion which was a miracle since it was pretty big. If you would like to see it look up juiz de fora imbel explosion 2016 or something like that. It was scary. I AM OK DON´T WORRY. ALSO DON´T TELL MY MOM OR SHE´LL FREAK.
2. So Brazil won the gold in soccer and it was freaking insane. They went to penalty kicks and when Brazil won the entire country erupted. It was dead silent and then out of nowhere it sounded like the world was crying/cheering. It was awesome. Soccer is crazy huge here if you didn´t know. So that was really cool. People were crying and jumping and shooting fireworks it was crazy.
3. So my companions wanted to learn english so every day I host a little english seminar for like 30 minutes. It’s pretty neat, except they´re all freaking tools and just want to learn all the swear words. ahahaha. they all play GTA and stuff like that so they know most of them and almost the entire 30 minutes is them swearing up a storm which is so funny but so bad. hahah.
4. I miss you guys tons and i hope all is well! OH MY GOODNESS ITS AUGUST THAT MEANS SCHOOL IS STARTING!! GOOD LUCK STAY IN SCHOOL, EAT YOUR VEGGIES #FRESHMANandsophomore15, DON´T DRINK THINGS YOU DON´T POUR YOURSELF, AND IF YOU´RE AT U OF I GO TO KAMS EVERYDAY. (idk I feel like everyone goes there #TmarkbyIseeyoursnapchats ;)))
Love always,
Elder Alberto, Momo

August 15, 2016


So this past week has probably been the hardest so far (it´s only been two kms). My companion and I got into a huge fight and our area leaders had to get involved, it was lit. My comp is just a huge tool and I gotta deal with him but that will be ok. Other than that it was pretty great!!
So the culture here is super different, obviously, but it´s super cool. You don´t knock on doors here because that´s rude. You clap outside their house. It´s super weird but hey I gotta get used to it. Also something kinda gross and I hate is that the plumbing here is awful so you can´t throw toilet paper in the toilet so every bathroom has a garbage can where you put all the poopy paper. Needless to say all bathrooms smell dank. But that´s ok I´m getting used to it. The people here are super nice and receptive though. There have been multiple occasions where people have let us into their house, fed us, and then told us that they weren´t interested in the church. Everyone here is super nice. One really eye-opening experience I had was in a little ghetto called Parque das Aguas. It´s a very poor barrio near the city. Most of the homes are tiny and don´t have electricity or floors. (all dirt). And even though they are very poor they offer everything they have to us missionaries because we bring a message of God. My companion asked for a glass of water there one day and the woman said that she couldn´t because she needed all the water they had to make dinner. She felt very bad and started to cry. You never really know how much you have until you see something like that. It was truly an eye opening experience. Also the music here is really weird. They love music from america but it’s super late. like hotline bling is huge here rn. This guy we are teaching likes rap so I told him to listen to panda and he thinks it’s the best thing hes ever heard. If anyone asks I started the panda revolution in Brazil. Also eminem and 50 cent are the big rappers here I don´t understand. No one knows who Kanye is. OH! Here is some good Brazilian music you guys can listen to
Artist: Lucas Luco
song: Batón Vermelho
Artist: Henrique Juliano
Song: Como é que a gente fica
artist: John Quest
song: Encontrar Alguem
Food: HOLY FREAKING CRAP THE FOOD HERE IS FREAKING AMAZING. So we only get fed lunch here and we have to make our own dinner and breakfast. But in Brazil it is a custom to eat Beans with Rice every meal. So lunch is usually beans, rice, a meat, lettuce, and juice. It doesn´t sound like much but holy guacamole is it tasty. They also have a bunch of different stuff that they don´t have in the US. (they might have it but I´ve never seen it). They have something called Refri de Guaraná. It´s bigger than Coca-Cola over here. ITS SO GOOD. It blows every other soda I have ever had out of the water. They also have Pão de Queijo which is just bread with cheese inside, but it is a stable food here in Minas Gerais which is the state that I am in. It´s so good. Also Açai. AÇAI IS LITERALLY THE BEST THING EVER. I know they have it in the US but its not the same. I attached a picture of it. It´s açai, banana, strawberry, chocolate, and powdered milk. It´s crazy tasty and only R$10,00, which is about $3.00 in american money. there is a bunch of stuff here that i havent tried either like Maracuja which is a fruit. I have it almost every day I love it so much.
Friends: Even though my comps a douche I thouroughly enjoy the other guys in my apartment. There are 4 of us total and they´re the best. I don´t have pictures of them but I will send some next week. They all make fun of me because I do -weird American things- like wash my hands after using the bathroom. haha. They also go crazy whenever I speak english or sing. They hate me cause apparently I´m singing all the time. they especially hate when I sing in the heights or hamilton. They all groan and tell me to die when I start singing. I think I sound pretty good so whatever. hahah. I´ve also made friends with a lot of the members of the church here. They are the best. There is this one guy Gabriel that we found on the street and started teaching him. He´s nineteen and really cool. We are hoping that he is going to get baptised within the next couple of weeks!
All in all I am loving Brazil very much. But I do miss you guys tons!! Thanks so much for the emails and the constant friendship! Also please keep me updated on the meme culture and music. Also is Hillary Clinton in prison yet? And my boy D. trump has he taken over the world? Who knows…
Anywho I love you guys and I hope everything is well!!
-Elder Alberto (Momo)

August 8, 2016


So my email day has changed again because I am no longer in the training center! I have finally made it to the field and it´s amazing. So the city that I am in right now is Juiz de Fora. I will be here for 3 months. My first companions name is Elder Almeida, he´s some scrub from southern Brazil. But for real he´s amazing, he´s such a good missionary and I´m so lucky I got him as a companion. So the city is GORGEOUS, there are mountains EVERYWHERE. I´ve only been here for 6 days and I can already feel my calves getting swoll af. Thanks to all of you who have been emailing me, even though I´m having a good time I really do miss home and your emails keep me going. I hope everyone is well.
Here are some pictures!!
Oh before I forget here is some information:
-If you guys want to send me stuff you can (you don´t have to). The address is Edificio Blue Tower
Av. Barão do Rio Branco
3053 salas 901/902
Juiz de Fora – MG
Brazil, 36010-012
If you guys are going to send stuff you can, but try and do it all in one box or something like that cause it makes it really hard for the secretaries and stuff to get it to me if you send a bunch of little stuff. Sorry. 😦
ALSO. there should be a couple of pictures on the missions facebook page which is….
Love you guys and I miss you tons.
Elder Alberto
Let me explain why its elder alberto. There is already an elder molina in the juiz de fora mission so for the next two years I´ll be going by my middle name which is elder alberto

July 22, 2016

Okay so here’s the deal I would love to email you all personally but I only get 45 minutes to email here in the MTC. When I leave for my first area I will hopefully get more time. Life is pretty sick here in Brazil. Portuguese is really easy to learn and I can speak it pretty well now. They took us to a super busy street this week and gave us 3 hours to walk around and hand out Books of Mormon and talk with people. It was pretty sick. I handed out 7 and talked with some really cool guys from Sao Paulo. One of them was Lucas, he was really funny, he kept trying to talk to me in english but it was so bad. I laughed a lot and we talked about home and stuff. It was sweet. The food here is really good. We eat a lot of steak and I don´t complain. My days are very similar with slight differences.

6:30 wake up
7  breakfast
7:30 personal study
8:30 companionship study
then we have a bunch of other language and spiritual classes and stuff. It’s hard to get used to but to be honest I really like it here. My favorite dish so far is called feijoada its a pork dish that the slaves of Brazil used to eat. It´s so good.
Oh so apparently its a rule that I can’t send pictures in the MTC which is dumb but I will send tons when I can. Brazil is beautiful. EXCEPT ITS FREAKING COLD. So it’s cold in the morning and at night but then during the day it’s warm. So all night and then in the morning it’s like 40 degrees, and then around mid day its like 75. My body still has to get used to it. but I love it here.
Sorry this email is all over the place we just don’t get that much time so I’m just typing off the cuff.
I hope everyone is having a good time at home and I miss you guys a lot!!! I miss smash, and los, and Randy’s basement. but that’s ok!!! LOVE YOU GUYS HOPE EVERYTHING IS SWELL.

July 15, 2016

Hello everyone Elder Momo here. So I forgot to ask for everyone’s emails before I left cause I´m an idiot so if you could tell people to email me that´d be sweet. Also my Prep day (email day) is on Fridays here in the training center (for the next 2 weeks) after that I´ll let you know.

SO I’M IN BRAZIL AND ITS FREAKING LIT. Everything here is just so beautiful. Thank you for all of you who have written me so far it´s a great feeling to know that I have so many people at home sending love!! So the food here is unreal and so cheap too!! Some missionaries and I went to a 4 star Brazilian steakhouse and only spent like 40r (Realis) which is like $10. I´m loving the people so much too. everyone here is so nice. my companions name is elder Santiago he´s a mexican that is going to Portugal for his mission. we don´t get along which really sucks because i´m with him 24 hours a day. but its only for 2 more weeks so i can handle. How is everyone doing back home!? i hope all is well i miss you all very much and i will send pictures next week!!! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND TELL PEOPLE TO EMAIL MEEEEEEEEE!!!