October 17, 2016


This week was pretty funny here is what happened.

-The two guys that we baptized were home alone one night so the 4 elders went over to their house and had a Family Home Evening with them. FHE is when you sing a hymn, have a spiritual message, then play a little game or something. It is just to bring the family closer and things like that. We decided that we were going to do a karaoke night. They made me sing a bunch in portugues and it was awful. haha. they were so happy and said that they hadn´t had that much fun in so long!

– So our Zone (16 elders that are in our area) had a goal to have 10 baptisms for the month and we had 12 so we had a zone barbeque which was so fun! We had 12 kilos of meat and almost 20 liters of soda. We ate, played games, told jokes and so much more. It was really cool to meet the other missionaries in my area!

– I met an Elder named Elder Messias, he is a brazilian from São Paulo, and he told us a story that I will never forget. He said that one day his dad came home from work and his dad was really tired. And his little sister went up to his dad and asked him if he could help her build this toy that she had. He said “yeah just give me a minute hun and then I will”. He ended up forgetting and going to bed. He forgot. His father got sick and had to have a bunch of surgeries that sadly left him paralyzed from the neck down. He said that his dad can still speak and that the other day he looked at the picture of his family and realized that he never help his daughter fix the toy. His dad wrote him an email saying that you never know when something is going to happen. And you can´t turn back time. So always think about each decision you make. I thought that was an amazing story. Idk I hope you guys can take something from that.

– We went to this ice cream place near our house that is self service. You get as much as you want, and then pay for how much it weighs. It´s super cheap though. You can get 700 ml for like R$10,00 which is like $3.50. It´s lit. hahah. the ice cream is super good too and they have a bunch of flavors.

This week was pretty fun! Love you guys have a good week!!

Elder Momo


October 10, 2016


So before I do anything all the computers here are broken in some way so that I can´t send pictures so I´m not sure how I´m going to do that but I´ll find a way I promise I´m sorry guys!

1. So I needed a haircut and I didn´t want to pay cause missionaries are like college students we are poor and eat a lot of ramen noodles. So we went to this place that was free because the people cutting are learning. I was pretty nervous that it was going to be awful but it turned out ok.

2. We taught this family that was very poor. No one knew how to read or write so it was a little harder to teach them. We tried our best and they wer just happy that they had ¨two new friends with ties¨. They are really cool.

3. So I bought these really weird cheetos from the store. they were really good and crazy cheap. a huge bag was like R$ 3 which is like one dollar.

4. So this past weekend I had the opportunity to baptize those two guys I was talking about João Carlos and João Pedro. It was really cool to see them so happy to be part of the church. They are some really good kids. I gave them each a white button down shirt and a tie that I had. They went crazy! They are like my little brothers and I´m so happy that I got the chance to baptize them.

5. Both of the João´s mom is the best too! She always makes us food and drops it off at our house. She is like our mission mom. haha. Her name is Icleia and she´s the best. I gave them some Peanut Butter i brought from the US and they all went crazy. They don´t sell peanut butter here so they had no idea what it was. They devoured the whole jar in like 1 day. haha.

All in all everything is going pretty well! I miss you guys a ton and I will send pics soon! Have a good week!

Elder Momo

October 3, 2016

Hey everyone!

So this week was a little more exciting!

1. So Elder Castilho (my companion) and I found this creaky bridge that lets us cross this river instead of having to go all the way around it to this neighborhood near our house. It´s super sketchy but pretty cool. We cross it every day now. haha. HopefullyIi don´t die!

2. So this little granny with no teeth stopped us on the street and tried convincing us that we were going to hell so that was nice.

3. One of the 4 elders in our house celebrated his 22 birthday so we woke him up at midnight while he was sleeping and screamed happy birthday in port. it was really funny he freaked out.

4. So 2 times a year there is a general conference where the prophet and the 12 apostles talk to the whole world and we took 2 of the people we were teaching and the choir that was singing was a choir of missionaries and they said that they want to serve missions in the US if all the girls look like that. I thought it was really funny. Brazilian men are obsessed with American females and American men are obsessed with Brazilian women. I don´t understand. hahah

5. So one of the guys we are teaching is named João Pedro. He is 15 and is the bomb. He really likes the church and he came with us on Sunday to church. I brought him a tie and he was really happy when he saw it cause he never used a tie before. He comes from a pretty poor family and they don´t have much clothes to use. He was so happy so I gave the tie to him. It was funny he didn´t know how to tie it so we had to teach him and he gave up and looked up videos and practiced all week and then when we went back to his house he showed us that he learned. It was awesome!

So the computers in this area are really old and don´t let me upload pictures so idk how I am going to do that but I will figure it out don´t worry! Next week I will send  ton!

love you guys, have a good week!

Elder Momo

September 26, 2016


sorry this email is gonna suck not too much happened this week.

1. It has been raining a lot which is good and bad. Good because it´s not as scorching as it usually is. (seriously I´m tanning hardcore). But it’s awful because regardless of the rain we work so I´ve gotten drenched a couple of times now. It´s kinda fun now. hahaha.

2. We are teaching a really cool family with 2 young lads that are 17 and 15. They are like my best friends here they are the bomb. They feed us strange brazilian foods and it’s the best. If you guys have the chance try eating Maracujá, it’s a fruit and it´s really good.

that´s it sorry guys.

-Elder Alberto

September 19, 2016


So here is the rundown for my week. It was pretty lit.

1. I got transferred to a new area. The area I´m in now is called São Lorenço. It´s a tourist city so there is so much to do here! The bus ride from Juiz de Fora was 4 hours long but it was cool cause there were a bunch of missionaries on it so there were people to talk to.

2. Things to do in São Lorenço.

-sky diving (not allowed by mission rules)

-pedal boats (allowed)

-cable car seats (allowed) these things go up an entire mountain it´s going to be so lit.

-they have a train car thing that takes you around the whole city. It´s kinda like a trolley but not. haha.

-they have something called Parque das Aguas which is water park. But it´s not a water park it´s just a huge park. hahaha. It´s really cool though we are going there today after I email.

3. So there are 4 guys living in the house. There is Elder de Almeida and Elder Rocha, who are companions, they are pretty cool. Elder de Almeida is super fat, and I mean super fat, and Elder Rocha is a twig so they are really funny together. Elder Rocha looks like a sloth so picture the sloth from Zootopia and that´s him. And then there is me and Elder Castilho. He is the man. We get along so great I´m so happy he´s my companion. He is just so nice and kind and he is always serving me and ironing my shirt and stuff. He is super nice and  cool we already get along great. He´s tall dark and handsome and 22 so if anyone is looking for someone hmu #mormonmingle.com.

4. So there are so many hills here. I thought my calves were shredded in my other area. My body is Dwayne the Rock Johnson from the waist down now. Our house is on top of a huge hill so I get to wake up to the city every morning which is awesome.

So yeah that has been me so far this week. I miss you guys a ton and I hope everyone has a good week!!!

Elder Momo

So here are some pictures.

– a toucan that we saw

– we saw a monkey

-the view from our room window

– a mirror selfie cause why not (so i found that hat in the house and it was dirty and ripped and i washed it and sewed it myself so i´m pretty proud).

love you guys

September 12, 2016


So this week was pretty weird but overall ok.
1. My companion and I got into another fight and we almost threw hands so that was nice. We had to talk to the Mission Assistants (two missionaries that are really important) to talk about our problems, it was like marriage counseling except neither of us wanted to stay together. hahah. It´s ok though cause I got some news today!
2. I´M BEING TRANSFERRED TO A NEW AREA! I´m kinda sad that I´m leaving the one that I´m in cause I was finally getting into the rhythm of things, but I can´t wait to get to know a new part of my mission and meet some new people. My new area is called São Lorenço. It´s about 4 hours from here.
3. So something really fun that happened is that there is a member here named Miguel and he does a pizza challenge for all the missionaries before they leave the area. He makes a bunch of pizza and we see who can eat the most. Here are the results, Almeida-15 (pansy), Borreguin-25, Momo-28, Cruz-31. I literally almost threw up it was so much pizza. These are slices of pizza people Pìzza Hut style. So that was really fun.
4. So one of our duties/privileges as missionaries is that we can give blessings to the sick. We got a call if we could go to a hospital in the city and give a blessing to a girl. We were expecting it to be some 8 year old girl that was sick but when we showed up it was a baby. I mean 3 week old baby. We had to scrub down our arms and everything. We gave the baby a blessing and I swear she smiled when we finished. It was awesome and I hope that she gets better soon!
5. Oh so I had my first dream in Portuguese and it was lit. I don´t really remember much but it had something to do with the members here. It was weird but cool.
I miss you guys a ton!
Elder Alberto
Here are some pics I took today with some member as I was saying goodbye to them. The members here are the best and they are like a second family to me! The first one is Irmã Adalgisa  (Sister Adalgisa) and the second is Irmã Graça. They are both awesome ladies that feed us all the time (I know I got fat ok leave me alone the food here is good). So for those of you who don´t know I had to change my name to Elder Alberto because there is already and Elder Molina in my mission. And then before I left home i ordered a space pen with Elder Momo written on it. Now I just need something with Brandon on it! hahaha.
Hey, thank you all for being the best. Have a good week!

September 6, 2016


Sorry guys but not that much happened this week´s email is going to be pretty short.
1. I miss you guys a ton. As the time goes on the harder it gets. Your emails are what keep me going and I´m so grateful to have amazing friends like you all.
2. So transfers happen every six weeks and that means that I could be going to a new area next tuesday. I doubt I will be transferred since I´ve only been in this area for 1 transfer, usually  missionaries stay for 3 or 4. But I´m praying that my companion gets transfered cause he´s a douche. hahaha.
3. One thing that was really funny is that I went on splits with another misisonary in our area (we just traded companions for a day) and we took the wrong bus and ended up in the middle of nowhere and it was really funny. The bus driver was super nice and let us hop back on for free and take us to where we needed to go.
4. Since it’s school time and everyone decorated their dorms I decided to do a little decorating myself!! Sorry if you didn´t make the cut, it´s not that you´re not important it´s just that I don´t have pictures. SORRY PLEASE SEND ME PICS I MISS ALL OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES.
Sorry that this email is so short, I´ll try to do some more exciting things this week! Happy monday and I hope you guys have an awesome week!!!
Elder Alberto (momo)
P.s: Love you all! Sending love and prayers!