October 17, 2016


This week was pretty funny here is what happened.

-The two guys that we baptized were home alone one night so the 4 elders went over to their house and had a Family Home Evening with them. FHE is when you sing a hymn, have a spiritual message, then play a little game or something. It is just to bring the family closer and things like that. We decided that we were going to do a karaoke night. They made me sing a bunch in portugues and it was awful. haha. they were so happy and said that they hadn´t had that much fun in so long!

– So our Zone (16 elders that are in our area) had a goal to have 10 baptisms for the month and we had 12 so we had a zone barbeque which was so fun! We had 12 kilos of meat and almost 20 liters of soda. We ate, played games, told jokes and so much more. It was really cool to meet the other missionaries in my area!

– I met an Elder named Elder Messias, he is a brazilian from São Paulo, and he told us a story that I will never forget. He said that one day his dad came home from work and his dad was really tired. And his little sister went up to his dad and asked him if he could help her build this toy that she had. He said “yeah just give me a minute hun and then I will”. He ended up forgetting and going to bed. He forgot. His father got sick and had to have a bunch of surgeries that sadly left him paralyzed from the neck down. He said that his dad can still speak and that the other day he looked at the picture of his family and realized that he never help his daughter fix the toy. His dad wrote him an email saying that you never know when something is going to happen. And you can´t turn back time. So always think about each decision you make. I thought that was an amazing story. Idk I hope you guys can take something from that.

– We went to this ice cream place near our house that is self service. You get as much as you want, and then pay for how much it weighs. It´s super cheap though. You can get 700 ml for like R$10,00 which is like $3.50. It´s lit. hahah. the ice cream is super good too and they have a bunch of flavors.

This week was pretty fun! Love you guys have a good week!!

Elder Momo


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