October 10, 2016


So before I do anything all the computers here are broken in some way so that I can´t send pictures so I´m not sure how I´m going to do that but I´ll find a way I promise I´m sorry guys!

1. So I needed a haircut and I didn´t want to pay cause missionaries are like college students we are poor and eat a lot of ramen noodles. So we went to this place that was free because the people cutting are learning. I was pretty nervous that it was going to be awful but it turned out ok.

2. We taught this family that was very poor. No one knew how to read or write so it was a little harder to teach them. We tried our best and they wer just happy that they had ¨two new friends with ties¨. They are really cool.

3. So I bought these really weird cheetos from the store. they were really good and crazy cheap. a huge bag was like R$ 3 which is like one dollar.

4. So this past weekend I had the opportunity to baptize those two guys I was talking about João Carlos and João Pedro. It was really cool to see them so happy to be part of the church. They are some really good kids. I gave them each a white button down shirt and a tie that I had. They went crazy! They are like my little brothers and I´m so happy that I got the chance to baptize them.

5. Both of the João´s mom is the best too! She always makes us food and drops it off at our house. She is like our mission mom. haha. Her name is Icleia and she´s the best. I gave them some Peanut Butter i brought from the US and they all went crazy. They don´t sell peanut butter here so they had no idea what it was. They devoured the whole jar in like 1 day. haha.

All in all everything is going pretty well! I miss you guys a ton and I will send pics soon! Have a good week!

Elder Momo


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