October 3, 2016

Hey everyone!

So this week was a little more exciting!

1. So Elder Castilho (my companion) and I found this creaky bridge that lets us cross this river instead of having to go all the way around it to this neighborhood near our house. It´s super sketchy but pretty cool. We cross it every day now. haha. HopefullyIi don´t die!

2. So this little granny with no teeth stopped us on the street and tried convincing us that we were going to hell so that was nice.

3. One of the 4 elders in our house celebrated his 22 birthday so we woke him up at midnight while he was sleeping and screamed happy birthday in port. it was really funny he freaked out.

4. So 2 times a year there is a general conference where the prophet and the 12 apostles talk to the whole world and we took 2 of the people we were teaching and the choir that was singing was a choir of missionaries and they said that they want to serve missions in the US if all the girls look like that. I thought it was really funny. Brazilian men are obsessed with American females and American men are obsessed with Brazilian women. I don´t understand. hahah

5. So one of the guys we are teaching is named João Pedro. He is 15 and is the bomb. He really likes the church and he came with us on Sunday to church. I brought him a tie and he was really happy when he saw it cause he never used a tie before. He comes from a pretty poor family and they don´t have much clothes to use. He was so happy so I gave the tie to him. It was funny he didn´t know how to tie it so we had to teach him and he gave up and looked up videos and practiced all week and then when we went back to his house he showed us that he learned. It was awesome!

So the computers in this area are really old and don´t let me upload pictures so idk how I am going to do that but I will figure it out don´t worry! Next week I will send  ton!

love you guys, have a good week!

Elder Momo


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