September 19, 2016


So here is the rundown for my week. It was pretty lit.

1. I got transferred to a new area. The area I´m in now is called São Lorenço. It´s a tourist city so there is so much to do here! The bus ride from Juiz de Fora was 4 hours long but it was cool cause there were a bunch of missionaries on it so there were people to talk to.

2. Things to do in São Lorenço.

-sky diving (not allowed by mission rules)

-pedal boats (allowed)

-cable car seats (allowed) these things go up an entire mountain it´s going to be so lit.

-they have a train car thing that takes you around the whole city. It´s kinda like a trolley but not. haha.

-they have something called Parque das Aguas which is water park. But it´s not a water park it´s just a huge park. hahaha. It´s really cool though we are going there today after I email.

3. So there are 4 guys living in the house. There is Elder de Almeida and Elder Rocha, who are companions, they are pretty cool. Elder de Almeida is super fat, and I mean super fat, and Elder Rocha is a twig so they are really funny together. Elder Rocha looks like a sloth so picture the sloth from Zootopia and that´s him. And then there is me and Elder Castilho. He is the man. We get along so great I´m so happy he´s my companion. He is just so nice and kind and he is always serving me and ironing my shirt and stuff. He is super nice and  cool we already get along great. He´s tall dark and handsome and 22 so if anyone is looking for someone hmu

4. So there are so many hills here. I thought my calves were shredded in my other area. My body is Dwayne the Rock Johnson from the waist down now. Our house is on top of a huge hill so I get to wake up to the city every morning which is awesome.

So yeah that has been me so far this week. I miss you guys a ton and I hope everyone has a good week!!!

Elder Momo

So here are some pictures.

– a toucan that we saw

– we saw a monkey

-the view from our room window

– a mirror selfie cause why not (so i found that hat in the house and it was dirty and ripped and i washed it and sewed it myself so i´m pretty proud).

love you guys


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