September 12, 2016


So this week was pretty weird but overall ok.
1. My companion and I got into another fight and we almost threw hands so that was nice. We had to talk to the Mission Assistants (two missionaries that are really important) to talk about our problems, it was like marriage counseling except neither of us wanted to stay together. hahah. It´s ok though cause I got some news today!
2. I´M BEING TRANSFERRED TO A NEW AREA! I´m kinda sad that I´m leaving the one that I´m in cause I was finally getting into the rhythm of things, but I can´t wait to get to know a new part of my mission and meet some new people. My new area is called São Lorenço. It´s about 4 hours from here.
3. So something really fun that happened is that there is a member here named Miguel and he does a pizza challenge for all the missionaries before they leave the area. He makes a bunch of pizza and we see who can eat the most. Here are the results, Almeida-15 (pansy), Borreguin-25, Momo-28, Cruz-31. I literally almost threw up it was so much pizza. These are slices of pizza people Pìzza Hut style. So that was really fun.
4. So one of our duties/privileges as missionaries is that we can give blessings to the sick. We got a call if we could go to a hospital in the city and give a blessing to a girl. We were expecting it to be some 8 year old girl that was sick but when we showed up it was a baby. I mean 3 week old baby. We had to scrub down our arms and everything. We gave the baby a blessing and I swear she smiled when we finished. It was awesome and I hope that she gets better soon!
5. Oh so I had my first dream in Portuguese and it was lit. I don´t really remember much but it had something to do with the members here. It was weird but cool.
I miss you guys a ton!
Elder Alberto
Here are some pics I took today with some member as I was saying goodbye to them. The members here are the best and they are like a second family to me! The first one is Irmã Adalgisa  (Sister Adalgisa) and the second is Irmã Graça. They are both awesome ladies that feed us all the time (I know I got fat ok leave me alone the food here is good). So for those of you who don´t know I had to change my name to Elder Alberto because there is already and Elder Molina in my mission. And then before I left home i ordered a space pen with Elder Momo written on it. Now I just need something with Brandon on it! hahaha.
Hey, thank you all for being the best. Have a good week!

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