September 6, 2016


Sorry guys but not that much happened this week´s email is going to be pretty short.
1. I miss you guys a ton. As the time goes on the harder it gets. Your emails are what keep me going and I´m so grateful to have amazing friends like you all.
2. So transfers happen every six weeks and that means that I could be going to a new area next tuesday. I doubt I will be transferred since I´ve only been in this area for 1 transfer, usually  missionaries stay for 3 or 4. But I´m praying that my companion gets transfered cause he´s a douche. hahaha.
3. One thing that was really funny is that I went on splits with another misisonary in our area (we just traded companions for a day) and we took the wrong bus and ended up in the middle of nowhere and it was really funny. The bus driver was super nice and let us hop back on for free and take us to where we needed to go.
4. Since it’s school time and everyone decorated their dorms I decided to do a little decorating myself!! Sorry if you didn´t make the cut, it´s not that you´re not important it´s just that I don´t have pictures. SORRY PLEASE SEND ME PICS I MISS ALL OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES.
Sorry that this email is so short, I´ll try to do some more exciting things this week! Happy monday and I hope you guys have an awesome week!!!
Elder Alberto (momo)
P.s: Love you all! Sending love and prayers!

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