August 29, 2016

Hello my fellow Americans,

Brazil is amazing as always.
This week was pretty chill but i learned/experienced some pretty cool stuff (no more bombs)
– So I met this grandma that feeds us lunch sometimes. She is literally the cutest human being in the entire world. She wears these little slippers and has a little hunchback and calls us meus filhos which is my sons. She pulled on my ear at lunch because I wouldn´t eat more she is literally the best.
– So I ate something that wrecked my stomach one day. Sorry to be gross but I literally had to run home so I wouldn´t poop my pants. It was lit.
– I read a whole bunch of letters that I brought from my going away thing that people wrote. Some of you are so weird. #zach.
-Oh I met a super cute cat at a members house. I wanted to play with it so bad but I´m allergic so that didn´t end well. hahah.
-Something really sad that I learned is that here in Brazil babies get left in the streets a lot. I was watching the news one day and they said that they found 4 babies this past week, and that is usually the average. It´s very sad to think that someone would do that.
-So my companions are obsessed with this board game called War, but I freaking hate it so much. I´m pretty sure it has a different name in english but I don´t know what it is. I hate it and we play it almost every night. hahah.
-OK SO THERE IS THIS PLACE CALLED MARTINS SANDWICHES AND IT IS THE BEST THING EVER. They sell these huge burgers, and i mean huge for like R$9, which is like $2.50 in american money. It’s insane I´m going to get so fat.
-Food wise I tried something really weird but really good. I had chicken heart. They have it everywhere here and it’s usually eaten on a stick bbq style. It´s really good but really weird, still deciding if I´m going to eat it again.
So yeah brazil is the bomb and I´m loving it a lot. i hope you guys are all doing well and I hope you have a good school year!! If you are still at West, enjoy it and work hard!! If you´re at your respective university, get lit, do all the drugs, and party like there is no tomorrow.
love you all!!
Elder Alberto (Momo)!

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