August 22, 2016


Okay so some crazy stuff happened this week.
1. So there are these things here in Brasil called Imbels. There are only 3 in the entire country and one of them is about .4 miles from our apartment. They are military factories that manufacture airplane bombs. So there was a malfunction at the one near my house and it blew up, the blast was so strong it shattered all of our windows. It was really terrifying, we are all ok don´t worry but holy guacamole I almost darn near pooped myself. There were some members of the church that lived next to the imbel and their home was destroyed. Thankfully they weren´t injured that bad. Sadly 3 people passed away from the explosion which was a miracle since it was pretty big. If you would like to see it look up juiz de fora imbel explosion 2016 or something like that. It was scary. I AM OK DON´T WORRY. ALSO DON´T TELL MY MOM OR SHE´LL FREAK.
2. So Brazil won the gold in soccer and it was freaking insane. They went to penalty kicks and when Brazil won the entire country erupted. It was dead silent and then out of nowhere it sounded like the world was crying/cheering. It was awesome. Soccer is crazy huge here if you didn´t know. So that was really cool. People were crying and jumping and shooting fireworks it was crazy.
3. So my companions wanted to learn english so every day I host a little english seminar for like 30 minutes. It’s pretty neat, except they´re all freaking tools and just want to learn all the swear words. ahahaha. they all play GTA and stuff like that so they know most of them and almost the entire 30 minutes is them swearing up a storm which is so funny but so bad. hahah.
4. I miss you guys tons and i hope all is well! OH MY GOODNESS ITS AUGUST THAT MEANS SCHOOL IS STARTING!! GOOD LUCK STAY IN SCHOOL, EAT YOUR VEGGIES #FRESHMANandsophomore15, DON´T DRINK THINGS YOU DON´T POUR YOURSELF, AND IF YOU´RE AT U OF I GO TO KAMS EVERYDAY. (idk I feel like everyone goes there #TmarkbyIseeyoursnapchats ;)))
Love always,
Elder Alberto, Momo

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