July 22, 2016

Okay so here’s the deal I would love to email you all personally but I only get 45 minutes to email here in the MTC. When I leave for my first area I will hopefully get more time. Life is pretty sick here in Brazil. Portuguese is really easy to learn and I can speak it pretty well now. They took us to a super busy street this week and gave us 3 hours to walk around and hand out Books of Mormon and talk with people. It was pretty sick. I handed out 7 and talked with some really cool guys from Sao Paulo. One of them was Lucas, he was really funny, he kept trying to talk to me in english but it was so bad. I laughed a lot and we talked about home and stuff. It was sweet. The food here is really good. We eat a lot of steak and I don´t complain. My days are very similar with slight differences.

6:30 wake up
7  breakfast
7:30 personal study
8:30 companionship study
then we have a bunch of other language and spiritual classes and stuff. It’s hard to get used to but to be honest I really like it here. My favorite dish so far is called feijoada its a pork dish that the slaves of Brazil used to eat. It´s so good.
Oh so apparently its a rule that I can’t send pictures in the MTC which is dumb but I will send tons when I can. Brazil is beautiful. EXCEPT ITS FREAKING COLD. So it’s cold in the morning and at night but then during the day it’s warm. So all night and then in the morning it’s like 40 degrees, and then around mid day its like 75. My body still has to get used to it. but I love it here.
Sorry this email is all over the place we just don’t get that much time so I’m just typing off the cuff.
I hope everyone is having a good time at home and I miss you guys a lot!!! I miss smash, and los, and Randy’s basement. but that’s ok!!! LOVE YOU GUYS HOPE EVERYTHING IS SWELL.

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