July 15, 2016

Hello everyone Elder Momo here. So I forgot to ask for everyone’s emails before I left cause I´m an idiot so if you could tell people to email me that´d be sweet. Also my Prep day (email day) is on Fridays here in the training center (for the next 2 weeks) after that I´ll let you know.

SO I’M IN BRAZIL AND ITS FREAKING LIT. Everything here is just so beautiful. Thank you for all of you who have written me so far it´s a great feeling to know that I have so many people at home sending love!! So the food here is unreal and so cheap too!! Some missionaries and I went to a 4 star Brazilian steakhouse and only spent like 40r (Realis) which is like $10. I´m loving the people so much too. everyone here is so nice. my companions name is elder Santiago he´s a mexican that is going to Portugal for his mission. we don´t get along which really sucks because i´m with him 24 hours a day. but its only for 2 more weeks so i can handle. How is everyone doing back home!? i hope all is well i miss you all very much and i will send pictures next week!!! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND TELL PEOPLE TO EMAIL MEEEEEEEEE!!!

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